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Sometimes, Ajarn Suea will have one or two examples of ancient magic in his Samnak and I grabbed this as they don't get made very often. This is a belt that provides protection from black magic and malicious spirits and it comprises of a Paladkhik (phallus) and a Bia Gae shell acts as the belt buckle. The Paladkhik has been carved from a black wood which is related to Maai Ngiew Dam but it has to grow on a mountain because the mountain can be seen as like a bed sheet being pushed up by an erection. Some country lads used to still wear a traditional Paladkhik round the waist to protect their genitals from being attacked by jealous lovers.

The Bia Gae shell is an ancient Animist form of protection for the body but the number of 'teeth' that line the opening has to be 32 to relate it to the 32 parts of the body meditation. Both of these items protect from dangerous ghosts and malicious actions towards you are I adore this type of this, which is now rarely seen.

Measures 36" and comes with Ajarns card and kata.




A Paladkhik and Bia Gae Belt from Ajarn Suea - ancient magic

  • There are many forms of belts in Thai Magic, either for Takrut or to hold amulets but they are now rarely seen. These are worn under the clothes and offering everything from protection to Metta.