It is rare to find these belts now but 30 years ago it was common to see a string of them round the waist of handsome young men to stop jealous lovers or rivals cursing their genitals. In the set of items there is

1 The Takrut Salika Sao Haa, which has the Heart Kata for Salika with the male and female and the Yant Salika Tuntree.

2 The Takrut Settee, which has the Hua Jai Settee Na Jindamunee, the Na Pokasap and the Hua Jai Nang Kwak Yant

3 A Takrut for protection and avoiding dangers with the Yant Kong Grapan Maha Ut

4 The Takrut Mor Phi, which has a type of spirit for protection and helps with every day life.

5 A Paladkhik Mai Ngiew Dam, a black wood phallus which has the power within itself to help with business and fortune.

Wear this to bring Maha Saneah, Maha Niyom, which helps with customers and people in general. Wherever you go you will find people willing to help or support you. It also has the Salika magic to help with negotiations. Is good for trading businesses, brings good luck and fortune as well as protection when you travel.

Measures around 34" and a classic old piece of Occultism that is now rarely made.

I love the ancient Wicha.

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A Paladkhik and Takrut Belt by Ajarn Phrot for protection

  • A Phallus shaped object has a few functions within the occult practices of Thailand but are either for great fortune, for business when they are hung in the workplace or for protection, when they are hung on the belt. Many years ago men used to wear these to protect their cock from being cursed by jealous rivals