This is an astonishing Miit Mhor knife and they took 4 months to get these after ordering, such is the demand on the monks at the Tai Yai Forest Temple North of Chiang Mai. I first ordered 2 and these are the second group I ordered because the third edition is much smaller than these magnificent pieces.

Every aspect of this knife is controlled by the Wicha and by astrological timing. The blade is cast from a mix of spiritual metals in the temple grounds and the spots of copper in the blade come from a melted old Buddha statue. The handle is made from Maai Pradu, the wood that was used for the middle of old cartwheels and it is carved as the Maleng Puu Bee. It follows the same rules as that remarkable talisman and therefore it also has mercury inside, which gives the knife one hell of a kick. With this knife the mercury is blessed purely for protection and the pushing away of all malicious forces to the point where it can also be used to create a protected environment wherever you are.

The scabbard is made of the same wood and all the wood is lacquered and decorated at the temple. It comes with a cord, which is the traditional Tai Yai way of wearing knives like this and the whole thing comes in a hand made cream cloth bag. Miit Mhor from anyother source in Thailand comes nowhere close as to how good this knife is, except perhaps when ordering one specifically for you and following your astrology. The quality of these pieces is breath taking and a testament to the monks who make them.

There is a wonderful ritual to perform to make the knife yours that I will help with on purchase. We are very lucky to have access to a range of powerful knives at various prices because these are very difficult to locate. There's too much unblessed stuff online.

Measures 14" in the scabbard and I have included a little extra cost due to the increased cost of posting for an item such as this, which is by DHL. They will be sent 'locked' in the scabbard and you push the knife up or down on receipt. You will feel it click out of being locked and it then withdraws easily.

Astonishing knives such as this have a value beyond what they cost as they can be used for many purposes - breaking bonds, blessing, banishing, and even to make blessed water that can be used for bathing or to cleanse any area. It is best to also keep these knives well oiled with sesame and blow on the knife before putting back into the scabbard.


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A Phenomenal 14" Mercury Bee Miit Mhor by the Tai Yai Forest Wat

  • A Miit Mhor is a spiritual knife that has the power to break bonds, bind and create areas of protection because these knives repel all negative forces. The best of these are spectacularly strong items and their only limitations as a tool is dictated by the level of the magician. As always, connection and ability is the key.