This is an exceptional piece of prai magic from Ajarn Bess, an Ajarn from Chiang Mai who tragically died 10 years ago in an accident and his family are selling his remaining pieces. He was exceptionally talented, a regional legend despite his age whose product  was exceptional. The prices for his works are also rising exponentially.

His family and Luksit have been releasing his old product due to a steep rise in the interest in his work, which has come from experience only. When I discovered him via a friend, I bought everything immediately, despite the cost because high occultism of this quality is rare. This is one of the leg bone amulets that he made to support a person's good fortune, that we stuffed with one of his heavy prai see pung. It is from a female accident victim and I got this uncased, and it still felt oily and alive despite being 10 years old.

This is a responsive and adaptable amulet that will bring good fortune and strong protection once connecting to the amulet, which is easy as this is a cracking piece.
Thist measures 3.25" in its exceptional silver case and I would suggest that you light 16 incense to the land spirits as this enters the home so they open the way and allow it to enter.

A stunning piece of raw occultism. Expect more of his work on the site as I have been getting it whenever it is affordable. Relics from a potently magical past.

Standard registered Post ($10) is now available to the USA, Europe, the UK, and Australia for parcels up to the value of $200.

Orders over $200 and those to Canada, Japan, and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($50).

Please write to me if unsure and we can work it out.

A Phenomenal Bone Amulet by Ajarn Bess in silver (2008) LAST ONE

  • Chunks of bone, fingers, eye, skin and all the other actual body products that can be recognised comprise the category of heavy prai. These items always feel more potent as both the bearer and the ghost can recognise that part.