This is phenomenal work from Ajarn Perm Rung of Chiang Mai. He has produced a very limited number of amulets carved from the horns of a buffalo that was struck by lightning. The quality of the carving is excellent and the feeling from the amulet top notch, which is just what you would expect from this top Master. The power of nature in lightning brings great strength to any work and is a rare thing to find. Ajarn Perm Rung has also added Tiger Panneng for authority and protection as well as a piece Tiger skin at the rear of the figure for extra Kong Grapan invincibility. The Takruts bring the rest of the qualities of a good Lersi, Metta, Great Fortune, a rise in status and access to the higher realms.

Good Lersi amulets are now very rare and ones of this quality are extremely hard to source. To find Lersi this good in a case of this quality is even more difficult but I now use a few top silversmiths to bring everyone the best Thailand has to offer.
Measures 3” and comes with Ajarns lersi kata.

A top quality item.

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A Phenomenal Carved Horn Lersi Amulet by Ajarn Perm Rung in silver

  • Phor Gae is the top Lersi who could cause fire when he opened his third eye, relating him directly to Shiva and Hinduism as the source of all Lersi. Phor Gae is the Lersi that transmits all knowledge to the world, and he is the one who is often channelled by the Sak Yant Masters during the initiation of disciples and for some, with the blessing of the tattoo (the Pruk Saek). Some renowned Sak Yant Masters such as Ajarn Toy in Bangkok, perform the task of giving a Sak Yant possessed by Phor Gae, and with his eyes covered by a mask of this Lersi. The mask renders the Master blind, which is seen as proof by his devotees of his abilities, and to see the transformation of Ajarn Toy into Lersi Phor Gae is something to behold. There are few examples of channelled magic in Thailand, where the practitioner is possessed rather than the magic produced within, generated as a result of prolonged meditative practices.