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This is the last of the 5 Corpse Hair amulets that Ajarn Apichai made for the site to fill the demand for creepy but highly effective amulets. Corpse hair is a potent supernatural product that allows direct access to the hair of a ghost, which can take a little getting used to. This hair comes from female accident victims and Ajarn has a carrier bag full of it under his altar.

Ajarn Apichai has made this amulet by binding the end of a lock of corpse hair with a Takrut that carries the spell the Hoon Payon. This creates a second body that absorbs any bad fortune coming your way, blocks out negative forces and repels black magic or malicious intent. In this way it is a highly protective amulet that allows good luck to enter your life and it can also give wishes if you access the ghost directly.

A rare type of amulet and one that I adore.

Measures 3" and comes with Ajarns card and kata..


Ajarn Apichai is one of the few Ajarns producing top notch Nam Man Prai on a regular basis and this is his latest batch.

This Nam Man Prai contains the bones of a lady who died while pregnant, who you can call directly as Nang Pomhoeng. The mix also contains her shroud, the Takrut Na Songchu, Takrut Na Giawchu, and the rope that pulled her coffin. Ajarn Apichai is also using some of the hair he has collected from a Phi Tai Hong called Nang Prai Atchalaa. The oil has been distilled with the plant oils Waan Maha Saneah and Waan Dok Thong and has a mix of oils from the Phi Tai Tang Glom, the Phi Tai Hong and from a person who died by hanging as well as bone from a person killed by lightning and ashes from 9 graveyards. This is quite a mixture of strongly Athan items that Ajarn has then mixed with plant mixtures with Waan Sao Long providing the scent.
This potent Nam Man Prai is for Maha Saneah, for love, and for good fortune - and bucha directly for the best results. Do not use this NMP on yourself or on others.

An insanely good item.

The bottle is large at 2.6" and it is suitable for all (Unisex and third sex as well) and comes with Ajarns card and personal kata.

A Phi Tai Hong Corpse Hair Amulet and Nam Man Prai by Ajarn Apichai

  • Depending on the way someone died, their remains can be highly supernatural. Suicides, accidents, drownings, hangings, lightning strikes etc that result in death all bring a quality to the resident ghost that can grant wishes, protect and more, depending on the spell applied.