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The Takrut Phaya Palaut by Ajarn Wit Chanhom - 2019

This is an old construction that I was lucky to find as Ajarn died during the pandemic. Ajarn Wit was renowned for his Samathi and his work with strong Buddhist concepts. With this amulet, Ajarn blessed the mercury with an added silver takrut and put them together in the bottle. Over the first period of time, the mercury ate the silver, like absorbing the magic within itself, which brings the best results.

This gives the power of protection and it has a power similar to a Bia Gae amulet. The Takrut had the heart kata for Mercury to bring it to life. It protects against sickness and absorbs toxins in the body, so it is perfect as we age and is best to leave under the pillow for the first period of time to allow it to do its job. The Wicha for this is ancient and was held dear by this famous Ajarn.
It brings the properties of the Buddha's grace

For Preventing and solving ill health, absorbing toxins, and treating diseases.

Measures 1.5" and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Legendary magic.

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The Takrut Phaya Palaut by Ajarn Wit Chanhom

  • There are many forms of magic in this region that use mercury to the benefit of the people who wear them. The Thai Wicha tends to be for protection and the Burmese for health and spiritual uplift but in some cases these functions are mixed yogether, as with the mercury from Luang Phor Somporn.
    These are placed on a deity altar or deity level so they face East or North and actually only need food rarely as the resident angel in these can find their own or join in eating any fruit offered to the altar. The only time this receives a direct offering is on an important Buddhist day and once or twice a year is fine, it then gets a small amount of honey next to it. After saying kata you can ask it to aid life with the type of help that that Leklai provides.


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