The Hoon Payon is a potent form of ancient magic that uses both ghosts and created spirits to provide a person with a body guard that takes any hits via black magic, malicious ghosts of the ill intent of others. This one is from Ajarn Bess, an Ajarn from Chiang Mai who tragically died 10 years ago in an accident and his family are selling his remaining pieces. He was exceptionally talented, a regional legend despite his age whose product was exceptional. The prices on his items are now rising exponentially so it seems that his pull as a magician extends beyond his death, much in the same way as Phor Sala Tan.

This Hoon has male prai inside and is bound with the string from a man's funeral and the body has then been given a piece of his corpse cloth, on which is a Yant. The amazing thing about hoon payon is that they can release a huge amount of latent good fortune as it blocks out the influences that can affect these things. I experienced this as a HPY was my first amulet and this is a better one that I had, I adore the work of this Ajarn, he was a truly magical creature.

His family and Luksit have been releasing his old product due to a steep rise in the interest in his work, which has come from experience only as there is little written about Ajarn at this time. When I discovered him via a friend I bought everything immediately, despite the cost because high occultism of this quality is rare. I am running out of his stuff already (and I bought a lot) so don't dawdle if you like these things.
This measures 1.65" and a rare item from an exceptional Lanna magician.

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A Potent Hoon Payon Prai Amulet by Ajarn Bess in silver

  • This is a spiritual second body to take any attack upon the bearer via black magic, malicious ghosts or the actions of ill intent. They are one of the classics of the Thai Occult and are ancient, still sused to this day because they work.