Phra Khun Paen by Ajarn Phun, who is renowned for his amulets that are made of products with Athan that come from nature.
This Khun Paen is made from a top Leklai and was blessed for many months to give it the full power of protection, good fortune, wealth, invulnerability, stopping guns firing, repelling ghosts and black magic - all the things that a good Leklai can bring. There are other elements brought to this talisman on the back, which is covered by a metal Yant plate for Saneah for the opposite sex. It also contains the heart kata of Phra Sivalee for good fortune and the Heart Kata of Khun Paen for attraction, rounding off an amulet that holds most of the amulets we could require in life.

This amulet brings the qualities of Khun Paen - attraction and popularity as well as the attributes of Leklai, strong protection from all harm, especially when traveling. It's getting more difficult to find good Leklai and this one is a cracker.

Measures 2.15" and comes with the Namo Dtassa chant.

I love the work of Ajarn Phun.

A Potent Leklai Phra Khun Paen by Ajarn Phun

  • Leklai is one of the legendary substances used in The Thai Occult practices and there appears to be many types. Some are metallic and have good weight, and some are light, almost like a weird form of jet and a lot more work needs to be done on this subject.

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