This is a rare original Dao from a collector close to Wat Sanomlao, the temple built by Luang Phor Pina. This release of a Dao was constructed using a mix of earth, female corpse oils and meat and shows a 5 pointed star as a representation of the fact that these help adjust your astrology to bring great fortune. Above this simple 5 pointed star is a yellow old cut stone, which is correct for the period it was made. The back has the traditional 8 pointed star to reflect the 8 fold path of Buddhism (the 5 is for the 5 Buddhas) and this was constructed in two halves with meat in the middle ( Luang Phor's blessing seems to have slowed the rotting process in all his pieces). I don't think this is a Mae Nua Hom but it is certainly just as strong. It is his simple dao that can have a surprising kick to them and this is a great example of that, made around 1993/94.

Luang Phor Pina was famous for the benefits that came from his blessings and he never stopped working to produce amulets. Anyone who made Tamboon or bought anything got free Dao. The locals who gave a couple of baht to the temple got cheaper versions as they may aid their lives and he got all the ingredients from the temple grounds (except the stones). He grew the plants at the Wat, harvested potent corpses from his cremation place and as was the case with some of these Dao, even added the flesh of a nun (or two, or three).

It measures 1.75" in its simple silver case and comes with his amulet kata.

This will be a very rewarding piece.

An exceptional item that needs to be sent by courier.

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A Potent Meaty Oily Dao Amulet by LP Pina in silver 1993

  • In his last year he became ill, and after a lifetime of smoking cigs he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, which was deemed inoperable. Luang Phor then spent his remaining time passing the necessary jobs to the other monks, and then he settled to meditate through his own death. He attained Arahant hood (a state where one is totally detached from the material world), which is akin to becoming a Buddhist Saint, on November 13th, 2545 (2002) at 05.14 hours, and passed away the next day.
    Luang Phor Pina is thought of as one of Thailand’s greatest meditation Masters, having learned from perhaps the greatest Master of all time, Luang Pu Man. He was said to be able to reach the higher spiritual realms and was taught Wicha for the 42 years he was a forest monk. The teaching passed on by his Kruba Ajarns and his potent Samathi (focus) enabled him to create what are considered to be some of the most powerful amulets ever made. Luang Phor Pina spent years meditating on death with the dead bodies he encouraged all monks to see to truly understand the nature of being human. It may be due to this fact that within the famous amulets by LP Pina he often included a high percentage of flesh from supernatural corpses, which included some nuns that died in accidents. This actually became his most famous work, a series of amulets that included Mae Nua Hom - the lady of the sweet smelling flesh, and yes, it smells sweet. Having been lucky enough to sit in rooms of his amulets there is often the distinctive smell of death, but with the Mae Nua Hom it was different. There are some Wicha that is only used when a corpse already smells sweet, and this may be the case due the spiritual purity of the nuns who died, but Luang Phor’s blessing was also believed to be able to arrest the rotting process. Even with the amulets that did smell of death, the rotting seemed very slow or the piece would have disintegrated long ago.