This is an astonishing piece of type of Cambodian Prai Occultism that is rare - and rather special. Made in very limited numbers and just found these in a box as am having a clearout of the cupboards.

This amulet consists of a large photograph of the pretty lady whose bones and prai have been used in this piece by Ajarn Boon, a Cambodian Ajarn who works with heavy prai in the traditional Cambodian way. This is a different issue and in this case, Ajarn Boon has scripted the photograph. The back of the amulet is beautiful and all prai from this body source. There's 5 pieces of her bone, 8 small Takrut of different metals, a coffin nail and a phial of her bone powder, all set in a mixture of her bone powder and graveyard earths. This is a potent collection of items and the piece positively hums.

This is a responsive and adaptable amulet that will bring Saneah, wealth, business good fortune, strong protection and enchantment. This maker also never gives the ghosts name, which is typical with the Cambodian system but you do have the photo to help working with her. The important thing is to connect and you can name her yourself once you have connected to the spirit within this piece. This is a Nang Prai but has been blessed in the Cambodian way and is a cracking piece.
I have 3 of these and they are in different sizes from 3" to 2.5" and will send out the biggest first. It comes with no kata, just connect and go but I would suggest that you light 16 incense to the land spirits as this enters the home so they open the way.

A stunning piece.

Standard registered Post ($10) is now available to the USA, Europe, the UK, and Australia for parcels up to the value of $200.

Orders over $200 and those to Canada, Japan, and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($50).

Please write to me if unsure and we can work it out.

A Potent Nang Prai Amulet blessed by Ajarn Boon of Cambodia

  • The Nang Prai spell is one of the most effective in The Thai Occult but when they use spectacularly strong ghosts, such as is the case with Phor Sala Tan's 5 ladies, they are something quite exceptional.