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Anyone who knows anything about the Burmese magical traditions will know what this is. This pyramid of Muan Sarn is a mixture of magical plants from a Nikai Cult of Burma and is around 40 years old, with the most exceptional feeling to it. This amulet is akin to a Luk Om in Thai and are considered special in Burma and this is in the shape of a Chedi. The old versions of this type of amulet come from the lineages of famous Weikza which can go for a lot of money, meaning that this may be the only one I will have on the site (although 2 already sold). These are for EVERYTHING, for protection, attraction - everything - and they are thought to lift the life.

It measures 2" and is rather beautiful. With the energy coming from this you would think that it has prai but what it is is a collection of herbs that can be used either as an amulet in itself or as a constituent for other amulets. A remarable piece of Burmese magic and these are rare. Now cased.

A Potent old Herbal Mixture in the shape of a Chedi - Burmese Magic!