The imagery around the use of the skull in the Thai occult is extensive but this is an unusual one as it is a Prai Dam amulet, rather than the usual Prai Krasip, Hong Prai or Prai Thong. This has been made by Ajarn Piya and is an old issue that I really like for its heavy feeling and potency.

The Prai Dam is for money through business or gambling and the male bone source in this is renowned for being pushy and effective. This is made of a white skull that has been painted black with red eyes and then stuffed with male prai powder and earths. The base has a bone chip too and an inserted dice to note its efficiency with the gambles we take in life and it is all set into a thick Nam Man Prai. The oil and the blackness of the skull made the amulet very difficult to photograph but the feeling of it is captured well.

A beautiful and strong piece that measures 2.25" and comes with Ajarn Piya's card and Kata.

Old Prai Magic.

A Potent Prai Dam Amulet by Ajarn Piya

  • This is a darker spell and Prai Dam translates as 'Black Prai' because it is a dark magic. The bone source is male.

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