A Prai Luk Om for Kong Grapan by Ajarn Best - in silver - circa 2009   3

I just managed to find the last three good ones of these that can be found at this time as the products made by Ajarn Best are now thin on the ground. Ajarn Best is a local legend, a child prodigy for magic when starting as a young monk and gaining fame very quickly indeed. He died at a very young age after foreseeing his own death and remains an enigma to this day.

This is his Luk Om for Kong Grapan, which is the name of the attribute that brings invincibility, which helps us to survive the travails of life. This is a simple mix of specific herbs and male prai that has then had its power enhanced through a powerful blessing. They are simple talismans which look awesome in their silver case and follow an ancient traditional magic that was invented for periods of war and living through difficult circumstances.

I am trying to sell fewer old items now as there are superb living Ajarns that need our support. We have to support the new magicians to make sure their magic is not lost.

A nice size at 1.1" and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Superb ancient magic.
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A Prai Luk Om for Kong Grapan by Ajarn Best - circa 2009 - invincibility magic

  • A Luk Om is simply a ball of something that brings magic, which makes it a common shape as there are many ways to make magic in Thailand.  The mst famous in the Luk Om Pong Prai Kuman by Luang Phor Tim, a simple ball of child remains that was so strong and efficient at bringing money that it is still in demand over 50 years after it was made.