This is the one of the very few example of a Cow Faced Lersi amulet I have ever seen and is from the remarkable Phra Ajarn Supasit, who makes some fantastic talismans! He produces little but his top range stuff is always worth checking out as he is old school and this is a very special amulet.

This is a finely carved  Lersi, although that is difficult to see from the pic because the oil he is in is 'dirty' and very strong, which messes with the eyes. The wood comes from an ancient coffin made from Takien wood that was found on an island in the middle of a river, all of which have spiritual significance, especially the island as the river split to let the wood be. Phra Ajarn had the whole lid carved and to this Lersi he added earths from around the coffin and a Takrut to evoke this Lersi. This is a primordial amulet and very strong indeed as it contains not only the Lersi, but the spirit of the Takien tree as well. Supernature at its finest.

This Lersi was originally a blind monk in Thailand and enjoyed the practice of alchemy. He was successful in making mercury solid and used his knowledge to cure his own blindness. One of his students was requested to find a corpse of a person that had just passed away but he couldn't find one and instead brought back the eyes of a calf, which helped cure his blindness but changed him to look like a cow. Because of this he had to leave the monkhood and became a Lersi instead, gaining the name Lersi Naa Hua, the cow head Lersi and he became one of the top Lersi. He also bestows authority and helps with magical  knowledge. Well known for being praised by Doctors and Chemists and amulets to him of this quality are very rare indeed. Primordial magic.
Measures just under 2.5" and highly recommended. No kata came with it so either connect directly or I can pass on the Lersi Heart kata.

The work of Phra Ajarn Supasit is fabulous.

A Primal Cow Head Lersi by Phra Ajarn Supasit

  • There are 108 Lersi and all have a role in the magical world. The Lersi Buakphrai is the Lersi involved with all forms of protection from harm.

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