I love odd amulets and this qualifies. It is a very simple amulet that has proved extremely popular and this is the third batch, in support of the temple of Luang Pu Simphalee, a renowned Isaan monk.

Luang Pu has combined a few forms of Leklai with certain plants to produce a very stylish amulet that both protects and brings health to the bearer, which is unusual in the Thai Occult practices (Mae Nang Phim, Leklai and Palaut are other items that clean the body). A good amulet of this type works through the body and can take a little getting used to while it removes any spiritual incursions. Luang Pu also recommends putting it on the third eye when meditating. According to the notes it has Lek Nam Phi and 2 forms of Leklai mixed with various herb powders, and the herbal mixture will also help with wealth and granting wishes.

A fab amulet that measures 1.4" and the kata is simply Namo Dtassa.

A Pyramid with Leklai for Health and Protection by Luang Pu Simphalee

  • Leklai is one of the legendary substances in The Thai Magical practices and there are many varieties of it. Mainly, it is for protection of the bearer but there is also a strong health element to it.