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A Rahu Ritual by Ajarn Tui - for ongoing remedial action

Please remember to get the 25% off as I have added 25% to this price.

For the duration of the coming Rahu we are going to offer a ritual for urgent remedial actions by Ajarn Tui. Rahu will bring shocks that may need quick help, which is the purpose of this ritual.

The process for this ritual first involves a hand made magic candle to praise Rahu and circulate the fate and good fortune within the person who provided their name, birth details and photograph. Following that, the candle is then placed into a Satuang, which is a tray of offerings made of banana trunk that has the  8 black foods that are offered to Rahu, and then lengthy kata helps to focus the magic to the person who brought the ritual.

This is a very clever set up, for which Ajarn Tui even made a Rahu statue that contains the magic for the beating heart of Rahu within.  The ritual acts as the rapid repair kit for when things suddenly get messy, and there is a need to soften the blow of Rahu. We have already seen what he can do while transitioning into a new sign, so there's much more to come. Rahu is with us for 18 months in this sign.

Ajarn Tui performs this ritual at an auspicious time on a Wednesday or a Saturday, during which he  sends the magic on its way to the client through his psyche and controlled kata.

All we need is your photograph, full name and date of birth and photographs or small videos of the ritual can be provided after. Pay through the site and I will request the details and photo by email. I will ask Ajarn to do these rituals even if there is only one client as this is for remedial work. Yes, it works better with more people but I think the speed of doing this is more important than the quantity of people.

Ajarn Tui is brilliant at ritual magic.

Please also note that the site automatically charges postage and this is part of the price. A sales tax of 7% also now applies for all payments through Paypal Thailand.

A Rahu Ritual by Ajarn Tui

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