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A Rahu Ritual on July 20th by Ajarn Tui - Rahu/Saturn and Chaos

A look at the astrology means that we have to continue this Ritual to Rahu. While his influence is being brightened by the change in Jupiter, it is not for everyone. There is also a problematic Saturn that is affecting many at 100% strength at this time, and as Rahu is related to Saturn, praising Rahu helps. There are two recommended courses of action here, one to use this ritual, and the other to get a Rahu amulet and praise him yourself. It all depends on your available time and confidence.

This candle will lessen the effect of Rahu and Saturn. Each candle booked will have an offering of eight black foods. To create the spell inside, Ajarn needs your name, birthday and also send a photo so he can find you when doing the ritual. Within the spell there is a specific mix of herbs that Ajarn created himself according to an old Wicha and as with everything Ajarn does, he gives it his full focus. If needing an urgent candle of this type due to turmoil or stress, please mention it as Ajarn can also do this on any Wednesday.

As always, photos of each spell and of the ritual itself will be sent to each person taking part. Pay through this page and I will request the details needed by email to pass on to Ajarn for him to begin work. Ajarn Tui is brilliant at candle magic, and the Lanna candle magic is second to none.

Please also note that the site automatically charges postage as part of the price. A sales tax of 7% also now applies for all payments through Paypal Thailand.

A Rahu Ritual on July 20th by Ajarn Tui - against Rahu/Saturn and Chaos

  • There is a massive amount of candle magic in the Lanna system, which is respected throughout Thailand as being the most efficient. Ajarn Tui's abilities with candle magic is renowned and the potency of his work second to none.

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