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This is a Rak Yom amulet from a very famous lady magician call Yai Yaem and was released 4 years ago. A Rak Yom is a form of Kuman Thong but here the spirits are twinned, which is expressed in the use of two different woods and the most powerful ones (like this one) are in a strong Nam Man Prai. The spirit called Rak is carved from the root of a crown tree that points North, whereas Yom is carved from a North facing root from a Star Gooseberry tree. This is an ancient Wicha made all the more special because of the use of Yai Yaem's Nam Man Prai, which is one of the best and this amulet is praised like a Kuman. The spirits are alive and need to be talked to like kids and offered sweets and toys but they are not as boistrous as KMT's, even though they are as rewarding.

When this comes to the house, the Wicha dictates that you have to light 16 incense to the land spirits when bringing it into the house, these are stuck in the ground. Then light another 9 incense on the altar to let the resident spirits know. Put 3 flowers, 3 incense, 3 candlesticks and 4 cigarettes out as an offering along with 24 baht (I will send in the box) on a tray when it comes to the house and offer orange juice to the amulet. The kata is fine for this and this is a strong item, so is worth the effort.

Yai Yaem was a legend in her region and practiced magic all her life until she passed away 2 years ago. Her photo is something to behold and she had some very rare forms of magic and her items are now sought after for their efficiency and potency.

Measures 1.75" and comes with her card and kata. Rare and ancient magic.

For great fortune, attraction and wishes.

A Rak Yom in Nam Man Prai Amulet in silver by Yai Yaem

  • A Rak Yom is similar to a Kuman Thong but it is based on a version of the Hoon Payon spell to bring a new body to each of the figures in the amulet. You praise it like a Kuman though and it is good to talk to these items. One of the oldest forms of magic here.