This is a famous release by Ajarn Bess from 2009 that is now cased in super fine silver cases. This is his 7 Lady See Pung Prai and the quality of it is breathtaking. How a Thai Ajarn gets the consistency of their work to be this fine I do not know but the effect when cased is superb.

The see pung is a mix of the bone from 7 ladies, who were all accident victims, and the last photo is an original one of Ajarn Bess blessing this see pung in the graveyard. It has been blessed for attraction and popularity but the Takrut is for money, so this is a good combination for life. One thing that the Thais understand perfectly is how a single meeting can change your life, which makes products like this an essential aid to life. If people like you and are attracted to you, opportunities will follow with the friendship that comes from such attributes. I have not had a see pung as good as this for a long time, looking at it makes my eyes go funny, and I am sending the original case too but don't breathe too deep please.

The fine silver case measures 1.4" and is a very rare product. Please connect with the mind to the ghosts in this and to Ajarn Bess and use the Namo Dtassa kata.

Classic Ajarn Best magic. Be quick buying this, it'll go.

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A Rare 7 Lady See Pung Amulet in silver by Ajarn Bess (2009) LAST TWO

  • There are thousands of forms of See Pung, most of which are for attraction or Metta but there are some very special ones that contain prai or are even made by a ghost! These are best worn as amulets rather than applied to the skin.