This Ong Kru Amulet uses the bone of this famous old necromancer to power an amulet to him, and it is by Phor Noi Tan, an associate of his in life and now in death. Phor Noi Tan is also a teacher of PST's main Luksit, Ajarn Tay and he brought him up, training him as soon as it was possible to do so.

This larger amulet consists of a great photo of Phor Sala Tan dressed as a lady, which he did to confuse the super strong ghosts he worked with. It was a successful ploy too as the ghosts will often attack the Ajarn in later age and Phor Sala Tan was working with them until his death in his 80's. The stories about PST are legend in this region and this is a fitting amulet to him. The back has a beautiful matrix of Muan Sarn and into it has been pressed one of PST's bones (top left) a chip from one of his Nang Prai, two Takrut wrapped in the sai sin thread from his funeral, an oil for attraction and a small enamel panel showing a posed PST. These were produced in limited numbers recently and I managed to get most of the small quantity made.

For strong Saneah, great fortune and anything you wish once you cannect to Phor Sala Tan. Use merit as a currency and he will help you with everything.
Measures 2.75" and comes with Phor Sala Tan's kata.

Phor Sala Tan is THE representative of The Thai Occult practices of old.

A Rare Amulet to Phor Sala Tan with his bone by Phor Noi Tan

  • Amulets to Phor Sala Tan show just how revered and loved this old rogue of a necromancer is in the Lanna region. The whole of his remaining bone is used for amulets so he can continue to both influence and help people with magic even now that he has passed away.

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