This is an amulet from a very famous lady magician call Yai Yaem, who has since passed away and was released 4 years ago. She was famous for her strong magic and ancient forms of Wicha and the one that everyone wanted as this, he Nam Man Prai. It cames in a large bottle and is like a yellow paste, which makes it like no other maker's NMP except for her Luksit. It is famously effective and includes the bone of an assemblage of the products from women who died in accidents.

It is astonishing and is cased this way to avoid people touching this substance, it is for bucha only. When this comes to the house, the Wicha dictates that you have to light 16 incense to the land spirits when bringing it into the house, these are stuck in the ground. Then light another 9 incense on the altar to let the resident spirits know. Put 3 flowers, 3 incense, 3 candlesticks and 4 cigarettes out as an offering along with a few coins of money on a tray when it comes to the house and offer orange juice to the amulet. The kata is fine for this and this is a strong item, so is worth the effort.

Yai Yaem was a legend in her region and practiced magic all her life until she passed away 2 years ago. Her photo is something to behold and she had some very rare forms of magic and her items are now sought after for their efficiency and potency.

Measures 1.75" and comes with her kata. Rare and ancient magic.

For great fortune, attraction and wishes.

A Rare and Famous Nam Man Prai Amulet in silver by Yai Yaem

  • Nam Man Prai is the stuff of legend. It is the oil from a corpse that has to be made supernatural through an early death via accidents, suicide etc. The oil is then mixed with other items to make it go further and sold to the public for love attraction and good fortune.

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