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A See Pung balm should be part of everyone's magical assembly for every situation in life, and this one is very special indeed as it is by Ajarn Boonrod of Phayao, Northern Thailand. This has been made from an ancient Wicha called Tai Long that is only held by Ajarn Boonrod and the Master who taught him.

This See Pung has been made from boiling down a mixture of the blood and bone from a Phi Tai Hong, as well as a mixture of strongly coloured plants and has had the bone chips added in the tin holder. This is placed on the eyebrows to raising the lines of fate, success in the work place and good for business. For talking to customers, put it below the bottom lip to enchant and you can even put a little on the entrance to the shop to pull people in.

I know many dealers of amulets who have a strong See Pung close by when dealing, and they all consider that they make the difference in all negotiations.

Measures 1.25" across and you need to use very little. It is exceptional stuff.

Has a kata for when applying.

A Rare Blood See Pung Prai by Ajarn Boonrod LAST ONE

  • A See Pung is a balm and they can be of many types. Certain Prai balms cannot be placed on the skin while others can, depending on the Wicha of the Ajarn in question so please read the description carefully. See Pung can help with Love, attraction, trading, business, popularity, Metta and more and they should form a part of a magical life.