There is a vast Wicha for Tiger Magic in the Lanna region and THE Master for it all is Kruba Pornsit as he taught Ajarn Ting, who taught Ajarn Tui. Unfortunately, Kruba Pornsit is now in poor health and may not make any more so I am getting what I can to share with everyone because there is no one better at this type of magic.

This is a very rare Ong Kru Bucha to one of the Tiger spirits, the Suea Yen, which is carved from wood, is scripted and has a simple laod underneath. There are specialists with this type of magic and Kruba Pornsit is famous for his Suea Yen, the tradition of which will now be kept by his renowned Luksits. The Suea Yen is ferocious and able to turn up the authority for any one and in any situation, which makes it a very useful entity at this time as the world is in such conflict. I often recommend Tiger magic for people emerging from a low period as it can give us the boost we need. The whole magical assembly brings great Authority, Klaew Klaat, Kong Krapan invincibility and protection from all dangers, including malicious ghosts.

Only 9 were made.
Measures 11.5" x 8.5" and comes with Kruba Pornsits' kata.

A better example of this type of magic is impossible to find.

Made 3 years ago.

Post to ALL countries BY COURIER ONLY.

A Rare Bucha to Suea Yen by the Tiger Master - Kruba Pornsit

  • Tiger magic is extensive in this region and comes from the ancient animist past. Generally for authority but they also offer extreme protaction from any source, even the nether world.