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Wat Sanomlao recently found some old stock of these items and I managed to get 3 of the 5 available. These have never been cased and are one of the first examples that used his photograph. These are baked Buddhist amulets from his time at Wat Takoey, the temple he built before Wat Sanomlao.

These were made around 1974 and are in perfect condition. The name of them is The Buddha in the Act of Blessing and they are quite a famous item from his early amulet making career, before things got wilder.

These are the only ones of these I expect to find and two are available, both of which are beautifully cased in silver. I love the relics from LP Pina as he is my spiritual hero and these items bring Klaew Klaat, which is the attribute to help you survive any form of danger.

These measure 2" and the first person to buy gets to choose which one they want.

Wonderful talismans from Thailand's magical past.

A Rare Buddha in the Act of Blessing Amulet in silver by Luang Phor Pina 1974

  • Luang Phor Pina was a disciple of the legendary Ajarn Man and followed a life of both spiritual and magical dedication, producing some of the wildest prai amulets that can be found.