This is a wonderful piece of Ajarn Suea magic. This is his Lersi Phor Gaem the top Lersi and he has been made in one of the ancient styles using the jaw bone of an elephant that died in nature. The elephant HAS to die a natural death and the jaw bone is highly valued, as well as rare to find from nature, which is why you don't see many. Ajarn Suea is brilliant at this type of this because he has exceptional abilities when it comes to inviting the Lersi into his amulets, so much so that this has life.

Lersi Phor Gae the name of both the top Lersi and sometimes, of ALL Lersi because he embodies the principle nature of the Lersi deities. He bring all the attributes of the Lersi - intelligence, authority and luck as well as acting as a conduit to the deities and gods above. With being made from elephant jaw bone, this amulet also brings extreme good fortune, which is the principle attribute for items made from elephants that died in nature.

Measures 3" in a fab hand woven case and comes with Ajarn Suea's card and kata.

Only 3 made.

A rare elephant jaw bone Lersi Phor Gae by Ajarn Suea

  • There are 108 Lersi and all have a role in the magical world. Lersi Phor Gae is the top Lersi, the boss of all Lersi and his power is boundless. Ragarded as being the best at for accessing the gods above.

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