Ajarn Apichai has some rare forms of magic and this one evokes the powers of the City Pillars in Thailand, which basically creates potent ghosts to protect the city in the same way as a Hoon Payon. Most of Thailands city pillars are made this way and they usually used people named In, Jan, Man and Kong who were killed in a certain way and then they acted as the protectors of the city.

This Hoon Payon is a classic by Ajarn Apichai and made from lead Takruts that comes from melted fishing weights because they carry the 4 elements already. Come from the earths, born of fire, fly through the air and catch fish in water. These Takrut have then been bound in the thread that is used at a funeral and another Takrut of Lead covers the face. In this Wicha the face has to be covered so no one can see its face to attack and then the whole things has been placed in a  Saneah oil as we all need more Saneah.

The Hoon Payon protects against black magic and anyone who wishes you harm, all bad thoughts or curses will bounce back to your enemy and by doing this, he also helps with good fortune. It allows good fortune to flow because it can be held up by negative influences and the HPY clears the way.

He should receive regular offerings of food, water, rice wine and cigarettes. It is rare to find Hoon Payon as good as this piece and Ajarn Apichai is brilliant at these.

Measures 3.25" and comes with Ajarns kata.

A stunning force.

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A Rare Form of Hoon Payon by Ajarn Apichai to In Jan Man Kong

  • This is an ancient spell for protection that creates a second body that gets attacked instead of the bearer. This body can also absorb negative astrological influences, which can give a huge boost to the good fortune of the person wearing it.