There is a vast Wicha for Tiger Magic in Thailand and this one comes in the Khom script from Isaan, close to the Cambodian borders. This is the Headless Tiger Amulet by Ajarn Perm Rung, who is famous for this as a Sak Yant, a Tiger so powerful that its head can be chopped off and it'll still come at you fighting.

This amulet consists of the figure of a leaping headless Tiger carrying a sword in its front paws and it has been cast in a mixture of spiritual metals. The figures were then soaked in Tiger prai before adding the Muan Sarn necessary to fuel this beast and then a Takrut to direct and hone its power. By wearing this a person is able to turn up the authority in any situation, which makes it a very useful entity at this time as the world is in such conflict. I often recommend Tiger magic for people emerging from a low period as it can give us the boost we need, it lifts the chin.

Next to the herbal mixture for this spell, you can see he has a stiffy too. There is always Saneah attraction with Tiger magic, which is often overlooked as people find powerful men or women sexy. The whole magical assembly brings great Authority, Klaew Klaat, Kong Krapan invincibility and protection from all dangers, including malicious ghosts.
Measures 2.1" and comes with Ajarns Tiger kata.

I love Tiger magic.

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A Rare Headless Tiger Amulet by mighty Ajarn Perm Rung LAST ONE

  • Tiger magic is extensive in this region and comes from the ancient animist past. Generally for authority but they also offer extreme protaction from any source, even the nether world.