This is a rare item but I have discovered some very old stock and bought the lot.

This was released 16 years ago by a very famous monk called Luang Phor Rit, whose temple was in Buriram and he was very well known for the bone powder he used in his Khun Paen amulets as well as the power of his blessing.

Luang Phor Rit has passed away now but he followed the knowledge the originated in Cambodia for most of his life. Born around 100 years ago, he studied with many of the famous local Masters when he was a monk but then went on Tudong for decades to collect magical knowledge throughout the North east, Laos and Cambodia, starting 72 years ago until retiring to his temple over 40 years later. It his this experience that made his works so sought after and to find some was a great surprise.

These are made from Buffalo Horn, have been roughly cut and engraved and have a small spot of bone powder on the back but it is enough to bring these to life.

For Saneah, Good Fortune and Popularity. One of these has gone to Ajarn Apichai, who was rather excited to see that I had found some.

This amulet measures 3.1" and comes with the makers paper and kata.

Superb traditional magic.

Post - to the USA, Canada, Japan, Oz and NZ - by COURIER ONLY ($45)

Standard registered ($10) applies to everywhere else.

A Rare Jingjok Prai Amulet in silver by Luang Phor Rit 2547 LAST ONE

  • The magical Wicha for the Jingjok is extensive, with both amulets and Sak yant. The Thais hold the Jingjok in great regard as they can live anywhere, survive anywhere and adapt to life anywhere. They bring great fortune and luck and there are many legends and superstitions about this wonderful lizard.