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I rarely buy Khun Paen amulets as there are so many 'ordinary' ones with nothing special about them but hese are certainly not ordinary as they were made 12 years ago (the year 2550) by the legendary Luang Phor Up of Nakhon Pathom. Luang Phor is famous for discovering Mae Nang Phim and also his holy water, and a visit to his temple Wat Thong Sai is highly recommended.

The thing about old amulets from top makers is that what seems to be a simple amulet hides the fact that they had access to the best supernatural materials at that time with no interference from the authorities. This amulet simply consists of 7 graveyard earths and the bone powder from a female accident victim. Due to the ease of collection of prai at that time, this is probably 50% bone, and it feels like it is too.

This Khun Paen helps with protection, good fortune and strong Saneah for anyone looking for lovers of the opposite sex.

Measures  2.35" in its plastic case and I will send the original temple box it came in too.

This old stuff is disappearing fast.

A Rare Khun Paen Prai by Luang Phor Up!!! LAST ONE

  • Khun Paen is the warrior magician and lover of Thai legend and his amulets come in many forms. The Prai ones are the best to bring strong protection and draw prospective lovers close.