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Rare Kuman with a Child Fat Prai Wax by Ajarn Best

These are unusual pieces from Ajarn Best, and due to their potency I bought all of them. Ajarn Best is a local legend, a child prodigy for magic when starting as a young monk and gaining fame very quickly indeed. He died at a very young age after foreseeing his own death and remains an enigma to this day.

We acquired 7 of the bottles shown above which contained a Kuman Thong that was carved from Takien wood, and a silver Takrut. The astonishing things is that these were then bottled with a child fat, child bone powder, Nam Man Prai and candle wax mix, which is surreal stuff that only melts above body temperature. Ajarn Apichai cased these and used enough of the prai fat in each piece to make it work, so if the oil melts and then solidifies again at the base it will still support the figure and Takrut. The remaining oil has been kept to use in some rare forms of Khun Paen as it is very potent indeed.

These are strong and will bring great good fortune magic to your life.

These haves a real kick to them and items of this kind are now rare.

These measure 2.15" and come with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Classic Prai Magic.

Please copy the listing as it gets removed after selling out.
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A Rare Kuman with a Child Fat Prai Wax by Ajarn Best

  • Ajarn Best was a child prodigy with magic and was recognised as such from an early age. He had a very successful career for a very short period of time before passing away in an accident. The remarkable thing was that he foresaw his own death.
    He remains an enigma to this day.

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