This is an insanely strong See Pung from a famous maker of old, Kruba Thammunee, who released this 7 years ago. This balm contains the oil from a Luk Krok and therefore, the properties of what is possibly the most famous entity in The Thai Occult, but is now very rare to find. This came in the typical case for a See Pung and in that mix there is a brass Luk Krok baby figure. I adore how this was has aged as it was originally red in colour and appears exceptionally strong.

When this enters the house, light 16 incense to let the land spirits know that this is on your property and ask their permission for it to enter the home. The See Pung can be kept on the prai level of the altar as this contains Luk Krok oil, which was derived from baking a fresh Luk Krok to dry it. This oil was then mixed with its ground bones and a herbal content for make a See Pung, and at the time this was made Luk Krok were cheap and easily found.

To make a wish you need to praise with the kata, which will be given to the buyer and like all Luk Krok kata, it is quite complex. There are also other aspects of this piece that need explaining to the buyer but there is only one kata, which is good, as sometimes there are 2 or 3 and very long. This item is about as good as it gets for a Luk Krok now and is for protection, great fortune, and windfall luck. It is an exceptional amulet that I have cased it in silver because the Luk Krok See Pung was never intended to be put onto the skin so it is best to remove it from the case and seal in plastic so no one is ever tempted to rub it all over.

Measures 1.75" and comes with the makers card and kata. A strong talisman.

A rare Luk Krok See Pung in silver by Kruba Thammunee

  • A See Pung is a balm and they can be of many types. Certain Prai balms cannot be placed on the skin while others can, depending on the Wicha of the Ajarn in question so please read the description carefully. See Pung can help with Love, attraction, trading, business, popularity, Metta and more and they should form a part of a magical life.

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