The body source for these is exceptional and can contact me for photo, if you have a strong stomach.

This is a legendary item that was made famous by Luang Phor Tim, whose Pong Prai Kuman was legendary for bringing wealth and wishes because he chose the best source possible for the prai and then did an exceptional blessing. This is a modern version but also extremely strong and comes from a superb body source. This is a mix of flesh (grey), bone (white) and blood (black) and then it is mixed with pong powder, which is derived from the writing of spells to help control the prai. This is superbly potent and the kata is short, which is a relief with these things.

This can be invited to eat with you and is not difficult to look after but the important thing is to give a gift or merit immediately after you receive something you wish for or from any help given. The prai in this can also influence people and once a strong bond is made these are among the strongest and most beneficial items in the Thai Occult system.

Measures 1.25" - a  top Occult item.

These are the last two and one has eaten the gold leaf it was covered with and one is in the process of eating it. These are very active pieces and I would suggest putting gold leaf on their cases and they will pay back the gold. I will include some leaf with these last two as a gift.

A Rare Pong Prai Kuman Luk Om

  • This is a legendary item that attracts great fortune and is a rare and efficient amulet from Thailand's strongly magical past. The source of this is the important thing and when good, they are an incredibly beneficial work of magic.

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