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There is a tradition in Thailand of using the personal materials of famous monks and magical people and this exceptional piece is from Kruba Orr, who died recently but was still dancing at his birthday when he turned 100! Kruba Orr is a legendary Kruba from the Lanna region who had been a monk for pretty much all his life.

This amulet is made from the betal nut he chewed every day and it therefore contains his saliva and his 'essence'. The wet betal was then wrapped in a piece of his robe to make an amulet and the name plate on the back has the number 481 from a series of 499 made. Strongly blessed by Kruba, these sold very quickly but I found one recently in a shop as this was released 3 years ago, around the time of his centenial birthday. The energy in this is exceptional and it bring Metta, Great Fortune and the personal attributes of Kruba Orr. It is special enough to have this cased in silver and these personal items from highly magical people are a favourite of mine. When these appear from very famous monks, they are eye wateringly expensive and beyong the reach of us normal mortals.

Measures 2". I adore a good Luk Om and they can be easily worn with other amulets or add discretion to your wearing of magical talismans. Comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

A very special item.

A Rare Luk Om Amulet in silver with chewed Betel and the robe of Kruba O

  • A Luk Om is simply a ball of materials but the magical quality of these can be astonishing, depending on the maker and the contents of the piece.