The Luk Sawat is as weird an item as it is rare.

The Wicha for this type of amulet is from South Thailand and few people make them now because the seed is rare, they were over picked and died out. I got a handful of this amulet uncased and when dry these supernatural seeds are like stones and they even make the same sound as stones clicking together. They were made by an old maker called Ajarn Pan around 6 years ago and I was surprised to find them as the only other examples I have had have been from Ajarn Bess, which were expensive.

These seeds contain Pong powders for Maha Saneah and Metta Maha Niyom but have then been sealed with the wax from the face of a corpse, which brings clout to this piece. They are good for attraction of the same or opposite sex and for relationships in general, which is great from such an innocent looking seed. They also pull Metta and support from those in authority, your boss at work or anyone with power over you and this can be a very useful thing in life.

Measures 1.2" and comes in a simple silver case. The other advantage with these is that their care is easy as they can share the offerings on a prai altar and only need the Namo Dtassa chant.

Ancient magic from the deep South.

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A Rare Luk Sawat Prai Amulet by Ajarn Pan in silver

  • These are a very strange item from South Thai Wicha. This is the seed of a rare supernatural plant that is then stuffed with other herbs or even better - prai - the prai ones are the best.
    For Saneah and related attributes.