I enjoy going through store room of Ajarn Verataep and came up with this remarkable old piece. This is an old issue TWIN Mae Takien Locket from the Master of Prai, Ajarn Verataep, a magnificent Bangkok magician whose heyday was the period that this piece comes from, around 2014.

It is rare to find good Mae Takien amulets and this consists of an enamel locket that shows two Mae Takien spirits in the forest surrounded by fine script. The back has beautifully coloured stones at the top, three Takrut, a phial of bone and a See Pung made from Takien sap, all set into a matrix that has more bone powder and graveyard earths. This is one of his top pieces and is rare. It helps with attraction, enchantment and great fortune. She is also known to grant wishes, help lovers get together and hold them in love, three aspects that explains why there are many Mae Takien shrines in Thailand. The area around these shrines always appear to have been recently swept as her spirit enjoys cleanliness close to where she resides.

Measures 2.25" and comes with Ajarn Verataep's card and kata.

From the classic period of Ajarn Verataep!

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A Rare Mae Takien Prai Amulet by Ajarn Verataep

  • The Takien tree is famous in Thailand for holding a particularly strong spirit that is superb for enchantment, protection and good fortune but wood amulets to her are rare as the tree is protected.