This is a very rare old Palaut from a famous old monk called Kruba Chum, who made this in 2518 (1975) and I think it is the best Palaut I have ever had, including the astonishing Phra Maesuan mercury piece by Phra Ajarn O. It actually feels similar to that but with more of a kick so that piece may also follow Thai Wicha for mercury, which is for health, wealth and protection.

This Palaut ia an amalgam of mercury and silver to pull luck to the bearer and change the behavior of the people close by. These are generally made for rings but here, Kruba Chum has made it to tie round the wrist of to make a simple necklace with it. He never made it to be cased so I am selling as it is and will leave the buyer to decide how to wear it.

A Mercury Amalgam has 5 functions.

1. It can remove illness from the body and you may feel this amulet moving sound your body when first wearing it. It can take time to get used to wearing this piece.

2. Protects the owner from black magic, ghosts, poisonous animals, accidents and danger.

3. Brings good luck and wealth and even reputedly pulls the luck and good fortune from others.

4. These are also a reflection of the owner's destiny. When it is bright, the destiny is good  but if it dulls, take care. It is a natural omen.

5. They also lift the spirit and place the bearer in the position of having direct contact with the maker.

These items have no set kata, just follow the precepts and say Namo Dtassa 108 times daily. Take time to get used to this and watch how the world around you changes with your presence.

It measures just 1.7cm but man, this kicks like a mule. I only have this one.

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A Rare Mercury and Silver Palaut by Kruba Chum 1975

  • The practices of making amalgams of Mercury to aid the life in this region dates back before recorded history but looks to have originated in Burma. They are safe and are given the properties of highly spiritual makers, to the point where they reflect their inherent quality of magic. Remarkable items.