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A Rare Suea Khat Nang Amulet by Kruba Pornsit - Tiger Magic
It is difficult to get across to the outside world the importance of Kruba Pornsit to the magic of this region. He was the Kruba Ajarn of Ajarn Nan Ting and Ajarn Tui, and he made huge amounts of wild Prai before calming down due to ill health. He passed a few years ago, but his influence remains.

This is one of his Tiger amulets and it is bloody magnificent. It is cast as a Tiger's head and there is a naked lady in its mouth. The things I love is the roughness of the mix, because you can see the plant materials and the crushed Tiger bone that makes up this piece. There is also a piece of Tiger skull in the back, above the Silver Takrut that activates and directs the magic. This is a rare item.

This is for strong protection and authority through the Wicha he held, and it is shown in this form because a person with authority always has strong Saneah because of the attraction to his power. It is one of the best examples of this form of magic you wil find.

It measures 2.5” and comes with Kruba Pornsit's Tiger kata.

Magic from a legendary magician.

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A Rare Suea Khat Nang Amulet by Kruba Pornsit - Tiger Magic

  • Kruba Pornsit knew some terrible fors of magic, as well as the holder of the Tiger magic from this region. He is a legendary magician who will be praised throughout the generations for his potency and the magic he held.

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