A Ritual to Influence Astrology with Ajarn Apichai
It is an ancient belief that the lives of humans and animals are under the influence of certain astral bodies and entities, each of which has an angel and it is these angels that determine the fate of all living things. There are 9 Angels associated withThai astrology, which are for the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Rahu. Each of these Angels can either have a good or bad influence depending on their position in the sky and according to the time of birth of the person involved.
The Sun’s good influence bring power, fame and wealth but its bad influences encourage the opposite factors.
The Moon brings happiness and love when favourable but it brings disappointment and grief when unfavourable.
Mars when being beneficial brings health, good business and work life but when negative it can cause accidents and bad health.
Mercury is good for business, negotiation and people believing in you but when negative it leads to you being deceived and a drop in fortune with business/work.
Jupiter brings wealth and promotion but its bad influence brings very bad luck that can lead to the loss of a job, a lover or family members.
Venus helps us find our lover or soul mate, which we can lose when it is negative along with bad fortune in relation to money.
Saturn brings robust health and stability with work and life but when bad it is related to loss, departure, grief and health problems.
Neptune when beneficial boosts good fortune and all forms of luck and when negative does the opposite.
Rahu brings great luck, attraction and achievement but when bad it is related to accidents, deception and the loss of material possessions.
During every year of the lives of each of us there is always one of these 9 angels that brings the bad luck and one that brings their positive attributes.
There is a rare ritual that praises the persons beneficial angel for the present year and it can also be used to reduce the effect of the angel that is carrying the negative attributes. It is a ritual that requires an Ajarn to have great knowledge of astrology, which Ajarn Apichai holds as well as his studies of magic, which is an unusual combination. All that is needed is a photograph and the birthday of the person, including the time and the time zone to check the current influences affecting them. This knowledge then enables Ajarn Apichai to prepare the ritual to praise the relevant angels.
There are two ways to do the ritual, the cheapest way would be to praise the good angel with the single ritual but for full effect, another ritual to reduce the influence of the negative angel for the person involved should also be undertaken.
In the ritual 9 bowls have offerings for each of the angels but when doing just one ritual he always works on lifting the good angel, a second ritual would work on reducing the effect of the bad angel to bring the best results. These rituals work specifically on the causes of the bad fortune in life rather than being a cure all blessing just for say good fortune, which works better because in many situations the causes of the bad fortune block good fortune completely. These rituals work on the root causes and when the two rituals are undertaken, the offerings are the same but the angel being worked on is different.

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A Ritual to Change Astrology by Ajarn Apichai

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