The Narai Plik Pan Din Ritual to Improve Astrology by Ajarn Apichai
This is a ritual to praise Rahu on behalf of others by using supernatural items, which is an old plough blade that was used to turn the earth to renew the fertility, to begin again. In this ritual it is believed that the plough blade is the tusk of the wild boar god from legend.
When Narai sent an avatar to earth to fight with a demon who rolled the earth down to the ocean and brought disaster to all. The avatar of Narai turned into a wild boar and used its tusks to push the earth back and restore harmony, which is represented by using the plough blade. This can be used against demons or to turn the fate around, from bad to good, boosting the fortunes and removing any unholy influences to bring peace and happiness to life.
With the coming 18 months of appalling astrological predictions, this will be a popular ritual and it has been priced accordingly.

These rituals can be done on a Wednesday or a Saturday only and each ritual is done for a maximum of 3 people at any one time. Any more people on that day would have to be done in a separate ritual. This is performed for the best results possible.

Please also note that the site automatically charges $10 in postage so I have adjusted the total price accordingly.

A Ritual to Improve Astrology by Ajarn Apichai