Luang Pu Phrom is a famous monk that is associated with Khao Orr, the spiritual mountain in the South of Thailand that is a centre for the study of magic. Here, Luang Pu has placed a Salika bird and balls of Chintamunee with a hand written, rolled Takrut for great fortune, and the beautiful aspect of it is that the items move around together.

Yaa Chintamunee is a legendary mixture of herbal materials that help bring great fortune. This Yaa can even be eaten to boost the good fortune within each person, which I periodically consume but this Yaa is to work in the amulet. It is a great piece and I got the last 2.

This brings good fortune, Metta  Maha Niyomand enchanted speech.

Measures just under 2" and comes with the Namo Dtassa chant.

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A Salika and Yaa Chintamuni Amulet by Luang Pu Phrom

  • Pure Buddhist amulets (without Prai materials) are known as Puttakhun magic and they work in a gentler way but still offer sustained magical force.