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A See Pung balm should be part of everyone's magical assembly for every situation in life, and this one is special because it is an old issue from the student of Phor Sala Tan, Ajarn Tay of Chiang Mai, who makes amazing items. With the changes in the rules for monks, Ajarn Tay now makes very little but over the years has come out with some of the craziest and most wonderful necromantic amulets I have ever seen.

This See Pung contains Nam Man Prai (Ghost oil) but the spirit has been removed to just leave the substances strong supernatural element and it has been mixed with a herbal mixture to bring extra charm. It can be put on the skin around the lips or between the eyebrows with the thumb and middle finger and is used for charm, business negotiations and getting people to treat you kindly, which are all useful attributes in modern life.

Measures 1.7" across and you need to use very little. It is exceptional stuff and a type of balm that is now rarely made.

A useful addition to your magical arsenal.

A See Pung Prai for Charm, Business and Negotiations by Ajarn Tay

  • A See Pung is a balm and they can be of many types. Certain Prai balms cannot be placed on the skin while others can, depending on the Wicha of the Ajarn in question so please read the description carefully. See Pung can help with Love, attraction, trading, business, popularity, Metta and more and they should form a part of a magical life.