I love Great Prai and this is as Great as it gets.

Pong Prai Kuman is one of the most famous sources of magic in the Thai Occult because of its use by Luang Pu Timm in his legendary amulets containing child bone like his Luk Om and Khun Paen. The Prai in this is super potent and is the powder (pong means powder) from the cremation of a lady who died with twins inside, so this is super potent as it also contains the mother AND her two unborn children.

Prai from this source is regarded as the best for gambling good fortune, which includes the windfall luck from gambling but it is also relevant with all the gambles we take in life with money, including business. This is such a simple piece and very raw indeed, which is typical of Ajarn Tui. Ajarn had some silver boxes made which he filled with two Takrut (see the video for the sound they make) and bone powder and that is it. He then etched the outside with Akhara like a dice but this is not easy to see because of the chunky silver case (things like this are very difficult to explain). So what we have ended up with is a box of magic that fizzes in the hand. I was there when these were blessed and the feeling changed markedly during this process.

For money and the attraction of wealth through whatever means, gambling or business. More effective and forceful magic from Ajarn Tui.

Measures 0.9" and comes with Ajarns kata.

Top Prai Magic.

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A Silver Box of Pong Prai Twin Kuman by Ajarn Tui - LAST 2

  • Pong Prai Kuman is a legendary substance that has been used since ancient times to bring magic to any item and is particularly well known because of Luang Pu Timm. His child bone powder is famous and renowned for bringing wealth.