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Luang Phor Tim is one of the most famous magicians in Thailand's history and his amulets from the mid 1970's now fetch huge amounts of money, especially his Khun Paen. What made this so special was the combination of the optimally supernatural bone powder from a dead child and his own magical abilities as he was remarkably talented. This Pong Prai Kuman was made in large quantites from more than one body and some of the original powder has been used to make this amulet to Luang Phor Tim in support of Wat Mor Mui, a temple near that of LP Tim's.

The amulet consists of both Pong Prai Kuman and the Pong (powder) from many crushed old amulets from famous makers. This fine mixture was then pressed to show the raised face of Luang Phor and scripture at the back with inserted chips of ruby and a copper Takrut. The feeling of this piece is superb and it has life.

Measures 2" in its fine silver case and will be sent with the original temple box.

For great fortune, attraction, popularity and protection from all harm.

A Silver Cased Amulet to Luang Phor Tim using his Prai Kuman Powder

  • Luang Phor Pina is my favourite maker of wonderfully odd Prai items and I am selling the final few pieces from my collection due to moving home. He produced some of the finest Prai Talismans in the history of Thai Occultism on a par with the legendary Luang Phor Timm.