There are many forms of Hoon Payon and this is  strong prai version from Phra Ajarn Manop, which was released 3 years ago and comes from old stock.

The figure is made up of four Takrut that are bound to make a physical body with applied Sai Sin thread and a skull for a head, denoting the prai content. The four Takrut versions are a very old method of constructing a Hoon Payon and invoke the names of the people who reside at the city gates to protect the city. As mentioned in The Thai Occult Book, it was common practice to kill people with certain names and place them uunder the city pillar or at the gates, meaning that the place is protected by very strong Phi Tai Hong and Phi Tai Tang Glom ghosts. The whole assembly was then placed into a thick Nam Man Prai for super potency. 

The Hoon Payon is a substitute body for the bearer to carry with you or keep at home and it takes the malicious attacks or bad fortune instead of the owner. It has all the forms of protection within it against black magic and anyone who wishes you harm and all bad thoughts or curses will bounce back to your enemy. It can also be used to wish for luck, good fortune, good business and attraction through the prai, which should receive regular offerings of food, water, rice wine and cigarettes.

Measures 2.25" and comes with Phra Ajarn Manop's card and kata.

A stunning amulet.

A Strong Hoon Payon Prai Amulet by Phra Ajarn Manop

  • This is an ancient spell for protection that creates a second body that gets attacked instead of the bearer. This body can also absorb negative astrological influences, which can give a huge boost to the good fortune of the person wearing it.

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