Miit Mhor Knives - These HAVE to be sent by courier and the only courier service that does this is DHL, who do not allow amulets. So anyone ordering a Miit Mhor cannot add to the box with an amulet. Sorry for this, it is just the rules.

There is a temple North of Chiang Mai that has started to make Miit Mhor and other remarkable ones will be on the way soon, it takes a few months to make the ones they specialise in and they have to be ordered. This is one of the first ones they made when they experimented with doing a Damascus Steel bladed Miit Mhor of about the best quality possible but they soon realised that it was such an expensive and time consuming process that they only made two, and this is the last one they had.

All aspects of this knife were made at the temple according to astrological calculations. The blade is madde of metals that carry a spiritual load which has then been continually folded to create the most amazing patterns on each side. The blade has one sharp edge and one scallopped edge and do not cut yourself with this knife ad the magic within it means that you will bleed for longer than expected.

The handle is made from hand carved Ngiew Dam wood and the finial is of a Naga's Head and then the whole thing was blessed to repel negative forces, ghosts and can also be used to make blessed water.

Miit Mhor are an essential tool for any magician and this is the best I have ever had. It is virtually unique as only 2 made and is a statement piece at 16" long.

Connection with the knife is built over time and there is a ritual to allow them to enter and make them ready for use by their new owner, which i will share on purchase.

An incredible item.

A reminder that this can only be sent by courier and on its own, no amulets can be sent with this order. Courier is the $50 option.

A Stunning 16" Damascus Steel Miit Mhor by Wat Paa

  • A Miit Mhor knife is an essential tool to all Thai magicians. It is used to seal, bind, cut and bond through magical tasks, repels bad ghosts and is a strong form of protection. Good ones are hard to find as these knives should have weight and be fit for purpose.