This 4 ears 5 eyes amulet was been made by one of the greatest makers from the Lanna region, Ajarn Subin who now resides outside Bangkok so he can easily study the magic of the central region.

This Ong Kru Master Edition was made from a mix of earths from spiritually important places, specific plants and then beautifully cast and very well painted. The back is sealed with a large Takrut and this stunningly artistic piece hides the efficiency of its magical construction. Like all top Ong Kru pieces, this amulet has life and the ability to change and improve the existence of anyone who wears it. Praise it with small pieces of red hot coals or charcoal as this is its food and it will then metaphorically ‘shit gold’, an indication of its wealth bringing efficiency. This 4 Ears 5 Eyes also has the power of Metta and it will bring support from those around you.

The imagery of the 4 Ears 5 Eyes ghost sat eating hot coals while shitting gold is one of my favourite in The Thai Occult and is a sign of the wealth and good fortune that he brings. The legend derives from ancient India and everyone I ask seems to have a different version of it after hundreds of generations of its telling but basically involves a prophesy where a son ends up with a 4 ears 5 eyes and becomes very wealthy. At that point, everything goes wrong (of course) and everyone is searching for him to return to their lives, which is the point of the amulet.

It measures 2.35", is incredibly well cased and is of a quality now rarely seen. There is no set kata but saying Namo Dtassa and living a good life with the precepts is always recommended.

A stunning piece of work from the remarkable Ajarn Subin.

Numbered 383 at the back and yes, he is THAT popular as there were cheaper editions of this amulet too.

A Stunning 4 Ears 5 Eyes Ong Kru Amulet by Ajarn Subin

  • This amulet style originates from a Thai legend of Indian origin where a demon eats hot coals and shits pure gold... A superb amulet for wealth and good fortune.

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