I thought I should list a few real Buddhist amulets rather than you buying the unblessed rubbish online, and it is possible to get very good ones at an affordable price. This is one such piece, a pure Buddhist Amulet that is called 'The Metta of The Buddha' and came in its original box, which I will send to the buyer with the amulet. It is by Luang Pu Kruba Noi, one of the teachers of Ajarn Subin and it was released a number of years ago. I also have Kruba Noi's hair on the site and the two would go together amazingly.

This has been pressed from a mixture of Waan 108 plants, crushed stone from a spiritual mountain and there is a small piece of Kruba Noi's robe on the shoulder of the Buddha. The front shows Buddha on his dias and flanked by two of His disciples, which is of breathtaking quality. The back has an inset Takrut from Kruba Noi, who is rather famous and passed away a few years ago, and again, the quality of the casting and the painting is unbelievably good. It is an exceptionally well made piece that brings Metta, extreme Metta and from that comes protection from all forms of harm, which includes black magic.

An exceptional piece of work that measures 2.8" and comes with the Namo Dtassa chant and the original temple case. This item must be worn high on the body and any prai worn at the same time would go round the waist.

A Stunning Buddhist Amulet by Luang Pu Kruba Noi

  • Pure Buddhist amulets (without Prai materials) are known as Puttakhun magic and they work in a gentler way but still offer sustained magical force.

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