I love a good Phra Ngang Prai amulet and this is a stunning new issue by Ajarn Suea of Chiang Mai, who is brilliant at Phra Ngang in the Lanna way - and I am keeping one of these as he is gorgeous. Natural products make the best Phra Ngang.

This Phra Ngang is carved from deer horn, has had his hat painted gold with red applied Akhara and his eyes are Burmese rubies. Underneath has been stuffed with a prai mix and Takrut pressed in and then fully blessed, it needs no more to be an astonishing talisman that can change a person's life. Ajarn Suea is a Master at Phra Ngang!
One of a Phra Ngang's characteristics is he is the one to turn to when in difficulty, especially for those of us from the fringes of society. He brings strong sexual attraction, protection and wishes to your life but also offers great fortune and is able to work as a kind of spiritual loan shark, helping you out for the payment of merit later. Phra Ngang is my favourite deity for a wildly spiritual life. If you have sex, let him watch and rub him in any spilled juices after and he will attract more and more sex for you.
This amulet measures 2.7" and comes in a pink glitter case with the makers card and kata.

A Superb Phra Ngang that is right in every way and has had an extra blessing from Ajarn Suea.

A Stunning Carved Horn Phra Ngang Prai Amulet by Ajarn Suea with ruby eyes

  • Phra Ngang is a very popular deity that helps with all wishes, Maha Saneah and Chok Larb (wealth) and is regarded as the closest to the human heart, so easy to connect with. 

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