I love the old style of raw prai magic and this is a fantatstic recent example from a maker of old called Ajarn Dang, who made one of my favourite old Phra Ngang but has been quiet for a few years. It's good to see him back with this as it is bloody great.

The amulet consists of a strange figure that has been cast ina  mixture of graveyard earths and child bone powders, it is of a very unusual design. This Figure is performing a wai and he wraps around a large phial of prai oil from the same source in the back, along with an inserted Inn Khoo.  The kid definitely has a sense of life and I tried to get more but none were available.

This is a spirit boy and needs to be looked after accordingly. He likes red Fanta, sweets and sometimes a bowl of rice but these can be very chatty indeed and quite easy to connect to. They have a reputation of beng naughty but I don't find them so, they just need controlling and a light tap on the head with a chop stick if he is naughty does the trick. Talk to him like a parent, ask for good fortune regarding money and encourage him to grant wishes by rewarding him with merit. These can be astonishingly rewarding amulets.

This is a classic top example of the ancient art of making Kuman Thong.

Measures 3.9" and comes with the Namo Dtassa kata.

Ancient magic.

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A Stunning Kuman Thong Prai Amulet by Ajarn Dang

  • The Kuman is one of the legendary forms of spirit magic from Thailand where we gaina  spirit child to help with tthe things needed in life and to do our bidding.